Chinese Electronic Technology transfer creates job opportunities in Pakistan


ISLAMABAD, May 10 (DNA): Chinese Electronic Technology-transfer creating numerous job opportunities in Pakistan, says a report published by Gwadar Pro on Tuesday. 

The report says, the outdoor temperature in Karachi has reached 40 degrees celsius in May. While in sweltering heat, staff at the workshop of an electronic factory in Karachi is working passionately. 

The staff is bracing to reach the goal of producing the country’s first batch of microwave ovens with rotisserie function.

In addition to microwave ovens, the company also expanded its capacity to produce Chinese companies’ water dispenser earlier this year. 
Its partnership with a diversified home appliance leader in China is another milestone in the company’s development and a key source for the company to bring top and best quality electronic products, technical expertise and industrial progress to Pakistan.

In an interview with Gwadar Pro, Muhammad Imran Ghani, CEO of this Pakistani company highlighted that many Chinese companies related to the electronics industry are transferring technology and increasing investment to create jobs in Pakistan. 

As a consequence, the increase in the number of employees has occurred not only in manufacturing, but also in sales, marketing and administration. “We have more than 100 employees working in the AC assembly line, and more than 150 working in the LED TV factory. 

With the introduction of new microwave oven and water dispensers, the number of employees has increased significantly.”

The CEO told Gwadar Pro that despite restrictions imposed by the pandemic, Chinese partners have been training local workers through online video. 

Its own brand has two production lines, including split or floor AC, LED and lights, etc, which also draw lessons from the production and sales model of Chinese brands.

Imran Ghani has been doing business with China for 21 years. As for why to choose Chinese brands for cooperation, Imran Ghani explained that Chinese companies like Midea and Hisense devote 3% to 5% of their revenue to research and development, which has led to enhanced and improved product development over the years. 

The affordability of Chinese products has attracted Pakistani consumers as well.

Currently, Pakistan’s electronics industry is growing, with an output value of around USD 1.1 billion. The country sells around 0.7 million microwave ovens a year, and it has a market of 1.1 million units of split ACs and around 1.4 million units of LED TV. 

Imran Ghani shared that they already occupied 5 per cent of Pakistan’s LED TV market and is confident of conquering 25 per cent in the next three to five years. 

He is quite hopeful about a deepening cooperation between China and Pakistan in the realm of electronic appliances and R&D.