Chinese military holds massive drill in Tibet


BEIJING, AUG 27: As China marked the 70th anniversary of Tibet joining the mainland last week, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) held a massive military exercise on the world’s highest plateau.

“More than 10 brigades and regiments assigned to the PLA Tibet Military Command recently held a live-fire exercise code-named ‘Snowland Mission 2021’ on the plateau,” said China’s Ministry of Defense in a statement on Thursday night.

Tibet is located 4,500 meters (14764 feet) above sea level. It is also known as the “roof of the world” and “the third pole.”

The ministry said nearly 10,000 troops participated in the exercise.

“The exercise, an all-time, all-domain, all-factor, round-the-clock live-fire exercise involving units of combined arms, is aimed at enhancing the troops’ overall combat capabilities at high-altitude areas, including joint operation, precise attack, efficient destruction, and comprehensive logistics support,” the statement said.

On its south, Tibet borders India with which China had a military standoff last year that resulted in the deaths of nearly 20 Indian soldiers and four of their Chinese counterparts.

After a brief uprising, Tibet joined China in 1951, which Beijing calls a “peaceful liberation.”