Chiniot youths invent smart white cane for visually impaired


CHINIOT, Oct 04 (DNA): Three students have prepared a smart cane to
assist visually impaired, blind people to walk more independently and

The smart white cane has been prepared by three students of the
University of Lahore’s Sargodha Campus namely Naveed Ahmed, Zaafar and
Ghulam Ahmed.

A visually impaired or blind person can easily detect obstacles on
ground, surface textures, pot holes etc while travelling with a standard
white cane. Designed to replace the traditional white cane used by the
visually impaired around the world, this smart cane offers users hazard
detection including a hurdle or water on surface.

In case of a mishap with the person carrying the smart stick, pressing a
button in it will communicate three relatives of the visually impaired
person. With development of technology, inventors in different parts of
the world, working to help the people with blindness to walk more
independently and safely with smart canes. DNA