Civilian casualties and damage inflicted upon civilian infrastructure as a result of Armenia’s act of aggression against Azerbaijan


Baku : The armed forces of Armeniacontinue to target the civilian population, private houses and other civilian infrastructure in residential areas along the line of contact and in the regions outside of conflict zone in a gross violation of its obligations under international humanitarian law, including the 1949 Geneva Conventions and its Protocols.


Armenia deliberately shells civilian facilities, such as hospitals, medical centers, school buildings and kindergartens in indiscriminate manner using artillery and other large-caliber weaponry.

On 08 October, by the instructions of the Armenia’s military-political leadership, Armenian army continued to fire settlements and demilitarized zones, as well as non-military, clearly visible and distinguished objects in Goranboy, Terter, Barda, Ganja, Aghjabadi and Aghdam from heavy artillery. The armed forces of Armenia attacked the territory of the Barda region using the “Tochka-U” tactical missile system. Fire hit a restaurant and seriously damaged a school in Barda city.


As a result, a resident of the Shahmammadli village in the Goranboy region, Guliyeva Turyan Tofig gizi, born in 1957, died in the house where she lived, and the house where she lived was damaged.

Additionally, after the missile strikes on the city of Ganja several civilian objects, including a car and several residential buildings were damaged.


Due to artillery shells falling on Ashagi Agjakend settlement in the Goranboy region, the interim administrative building of Khojaly District Police Department, as well as numerous civil infrastructure facilities and houses, including Garachinar secondary school were severely damaged.

As of 08 October, totally 31 civilians, including children and elderly were killed, 154 civilians have been hospitalized with serious injuries.928 private houses, 45 apartment buildingsand 133 civilian infrastructures were damaged and became unserviceable as a result of armed attack.

Below are photo evidences of the humanitarian law violations of the armed forces of Armenia.