CM, IG Sindh Police to protect the rights of citizens under the law: PFUJ


Nazir Siyal

KARACHI: Pakistan Federal Union of Journalist (PFUJ) has condemned the police attitude against media persons and rights of common citizens of Sindh province, they put behind the bars over fake complaints.

On Tuesday, commenting over the police atrocities senior journalist Fawad Mehmood and others demanded IG Sindh for police atrocities with young citizens and media workers without any complaints or fake charges only putting pressure.

He told that a young educated Nizamuddin Abbasi and media associate was held for unknown reason for two hours in lock up, when young man asked SHO Mirpur Mathelo District Ghotki Khalid Memon without any charges and investigation, why put him in Lock up for more than 2 hours and later released over minor issue he said.

Similarly, police had registered same fake case against an educated and first M-phill in media a Journalist of Larkana, who suffered 9 months proceedings, later court withdrew as fake case witnesses by police.

Journalist comunitty has demanded IG Sindh, Chief Minister and higher authorities to protect common citizens and provide justice for this violation of citizen rights.