CM’s intensive public service efforts amidst severe cold and fog


LAHORE, Jan 15: /DNA/ – In the midst of biting cold and thick fog, Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi embarked on an exhaustive six-hour nocturnal tour from 10 PM to 4 AM, accompanied by members of the cabinet, to assess the advancement of six development projects in the provincial metropolis. The landscaping, drainage, and roadwork around the Shahdra flyovers project have achieved a remarkable 100% completion rate. The CM commended the contractor, commissioner, and DG PHA for their efforts, praising the high-quality roads and landscaping that have significantly enhanced the aesthetics of Shahdra Chowk.

During a media interaction, CM Naqvi acknowledged the challenges faced during the Band Road project, particularly in completing it within 120 days due to temperature constraints for asphalt laying. He assured journalists of positive news within the next 72 hours, including the release of funds to press clubs that have yet to receive them. Provincial Minister Azfar Ali Nasir is actively overseeing the project, demonstrating his commitment. Additionally, Mayo Hospital is set to open within the next 7 days, he added.

The CM shared plans for model police stations, not only in Lahore but throughout Punjab, ensuring that even the last police station in Rajanpur will be modeled after those in Lahore. He assessed the progress of the Imamia Colony flyovers project, expressing satisfaction with the pace and announcing its opening to traffic by the end of the month. Mr. Naqvi emphasized the importance of maintaining high standards and expedited project completion during his inspection of the controlled access corridor project.

While touring the controlled access corridor project, the CM inspected detailed progress on both packages, urging the resolution of material-related issues. He stressed the need for swift project completion, recognizing the value of every minute. Mr Naqvi directed to expedite the opening of the corridor for traffic by Jan 31, disclosing completion rates of 58% for package one and 40% for package two. He observed that all panels for package one were ready, with 5,800 installed, along with the launching of all girders. For package two, 3,710 panels were installed, 6,371 panels were ready, and the girders launch was in progress.

The CM scrutinized the emergency block of Mayo Hospital, ensuring quality checks on tiles and reviewing construction progress on various floors, including operation theaters. He directed the acceleration of finishing work while maintaining high standards. Mazar Bibi Pakdaman, with 99% completion, is expected to open for visitors in the next few days, offering widened roads for convenience, he added.

A visit to Qurban Lines revealed the ongoing construction of police residential quarters, with the CM applauding the rapid progress and hinting at possible completion within the next 10 days, focusing on the first six apartments.

Mr Naqvi concluded his visit with a meeting at the Punjab Safe Cities Authority, where he reviewed progress on safe city projects in Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, and Faisalabad. He directed the functionalization of the first phase of projects in these cities by Jan 31, highlighting potential savings of approximately 84 billion rupees. 

Provincial Ministers SM Tanveer, Mansoor Qadir, Amir Mir, Azfar Ali Nasir, Bilal Afzal, Advisor Wahab Riaz, IGP, CCPO, DIG (Tele), AIG (Dev), secretary C&W, commissioner Lahore and others were also present.