Committee to hold talks with the TTP


Army Chief Gen Bajwa answers questions of the parliamentarians

Special Correspondent

ISLAMABAD: Military leadership on Tuesday briefed the participants of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security (PCNS) on the ongoing talks with the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP), media reported, quoting sources.

The meeting decided to constitute a steering committee for the talks with the TTP, which will include representatives from the civil and military leadership.
According to a statement issued in this regard, an important meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security was held at Parliament House on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif which included members of the Standing Committees, Federal Ministers, Provincial Chief Ministers, Gilgit, besides the National Parliamentary and Political Leadership. The Chief Minister of Baltistan, the Prime Minister of the independent state of Jammu and Kashmir and the military leadership participated.

The meeting was briefed about national security issues and recent talks with the banned TTP. The participants reiterated that Pakistan has made remarkable achievements against terrorism and extremism which have been recognized globally.

The meeting paid tribute to the sacrifices made by the nation and the security forces, which ensured the functioning of the state in all parts of the country. The meeting reiterated that the use of force is the sole prerogative of the state under the Constitution of Pakistan.

Recognizing the sacrifices of the victims of terrorism and the action taken against them, he made it clear that Pakistan was, is and will be the guardian of the sacrifices of its martyrs and the families of the victims.

The meeting also paid tribute to the brave tribal people and acknowledged that their sacrifice and major support led to peace and stability after great hardships and hardships.The National Security Committee stated that the final decision on TTP would be made with the consent and concurrence of Parliament.

The meeting was informed that effective and practical operations of the security forces are part of the strategy of clearing, holding, building and transferring powers to the civil administration.With the support of the Afghan government and led by civil and military authorities, the Pakistani government is negotiating with the TTP banned within the framework of the Constitution of Pakistan to strengthen regional and internal peace.

The meeting said that the final results would be implemented after the completion of the process within the limits of the Constitution of Pakistan and the approval of the Government of Pakistan.

The Parliamentary Committee on National Security formally approved the process of negotiations and approved the creation of a ‘Parliamentary Oversight Committee’ which would be responsible for monitoring the process within constitutional limits.