COMSATS University, POWERCHINA to construct a cultural bridge


ISLAMABAD, JUN 13 /DNA/ – POWERCHINA has actively participated in the “Chinese Culture Hour” exchange and exhibition event organized by COMSATS University at its Islamabad campus. 

The event served as a platform for students to showcase their knowledge of Chinese culture, encompassing various aspects such as calligraphy, tai chi, kung fu, cuisine, tongue twisters, and music, the POWERCHINA said on Tuesday. 

POWERCHINA praised and encouraged the students for their splendid performance demonstrations and they generously donated carefully selected Chinese cultural books to the university. Additionally, outstanding students were presented with commendation certificates as recognition of their remarkable contributions. After the event, POWERCHINA and the university held in-depth discussions and reached a consensus on further solidifying their commitment to cross-cultural exchange and collaboration.

On the day of the event, the university campus buzzed with the vibrant atmosphere of Chinese culture as students eagerly displayed their knowledge and appreciation of it. The art of calligraphy came alive as students demonstrated the charm of Chinese characters, skillfully explaining the meaning behind each stroke to the captivated audience. The performances of tai chi and kung fu embodied the essence of traditional Chinese martial arts, showcasing the students’ excellent body control and graceful movements, which garnered the admiration of the audience.

In the food exhibition area, a variety of delicious Chinese cuisine delighted the senses. The students demonstrated their exquisite culinary skills by preparing dishes such as spicy chicken, dumplings, fried noodles, and fried rice. They ingeniously incorporated elements from local cuisine, adding a unique touch. Tongue twisters and music performances contribute to the joyous and lively atmosphere. The students eloquently spoke Chinese and delivered melodious tunes, showcasing the diverse and enchanting facets of Chinese culture.

Representatives from POWERCHINA showered the students with high praises and encouragement for their exceptional performances, and as honored guests, they awarded certificates to the students as acknowledgement. Additionally, to further support the university’s Chinese cultural education, a carefully curated collection of books encompassing various aspects of Chinese culture was presented. These valuable resources will offer students more learning material and serve as a source of inspiration, facilitating them to develop a deeper understanding of Chinese culture.

This event not only allowed the students to express their admiration for Chinese culture and enrich their knowledge of it but also fostered an important cultural exchange between Pakistan and China. POWERCHINA remains dedicated to advance cultural exchange and understanding with universities, cultivating friendships, and jointly promoting the integration and development of cultural diversity.