Construction on Dasu Project to resume soon: CGGC


The Chinese company also nullified an earlier notification about termination of contract of employment

ISLAMABAD: The Chinese construction company CGGC has declared its earlier notice null and void about contract termination of employment of Pakistani labour working with it on Dasu Hydropower

Thereafter, construction work on Dasu Hydropower Project would now be resumed very soon, said a notice issued on Sunday.

Meanwhile, later clarification was also issued from the foreign office regarding the notification of termination of the employment contract of the Pakistani personnel working on the Dasu Hydropower Project.

“The Chinese construction company, China Gezhouba Group Corporation (CGGC) through its latest notification has declared its earlier notice, about contract termination of employment of Pakistani personnel working on Dasu Hydropower Project, null and void,” FO spokesman Zahid Hafeez
Chaudhri said.

He said that matters regarding security and execution of the project are being looked into, and the relevant authorities from Pakistan and China are in close contact on the same.

The construction of the project will be resumed soon. “Both Pakistan and China remain committed to timely completion of Dasu Hydropower and other projects being undertaken with Chinese cooperation,” the foreign office spokesman said. It is pertinent to mention that in the wake of Dasu incident, the civil administration, WAPDA and CGGC decided with mutual consultation to suspend construction work on the project for a few days so that the
matters could be re-organized and construction work may be resumed in a more secure atmosphere.

Since then, WAPDA is in close coordination with the CGGC high-ups and it is expected that the CGGC will restart construction activities on the project in few days.