Coronavirus has deeply impacted tourism in Pakistan: authorities


Along with other industries, the coronavirus pandemic has also deeply impacted the tourism industry in Pakistan.

According to the tourism department, 2020 was the year that was supposed to be dedicated to increasing tourism in the country, especially for people coming from abroad.

The deadly pandemic has, however, turned things upside down. The country’s economy has also suffered losses due to this. “We had expected to receive $1.5 billion this year but we don’t see that coming in,” an officer from the department said.

He explained that domestic tourism has also been affected. “We are, however, working on reviving local tourism.”

The government has formed a Tourism Recovery Committee that is working on setting SOPs to be followed by travellers and a draft has been formed.

According to the department, once things for local tourists are finalised, it will be possible to allow visitors from abroad as well.

So far, more than 41,000 COVID-19 cases and 896 deaths have been reported in Pakistan.