Countries in glass houses should think before throwing stones at others, Asad to Biden


PTI lashes out at US President for nasty remark, seeks apology

Nuclear US a threat to world as Biden has no control over nukes: Mazari

Flays imported govt for shameful silence over the controversial statement

ISLAMABAD:  Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) strongly reacted to US President Jeo Biden’s controversial statement that the nuclear US was a threat to the world because he had no control over his nukes, advising that the countries in glass houses should think before throwing stones at others.

PTI leaders in a joint statement on Saturday blasted the US President for irresponsible statement against Pakistan’s nuclear program and demanded that he should apologise to Pakistani nation for his nasty remarks just because his regime change conspiracy was faltering. 

PTI Central Secretary General Asad Umar in his strong reaction stated: “Nuclear country without cohesion? Is Biden referring to the US?

Asad Umar said that after all his party was going after Donald Trump for trying to subvert the constitution and steal the last presidential election!

He gave a piece of advice that the countries in glass houses should think before throwing stones at others.

PTI Central Senior Vice President Dr. Shireen Mazari reacted strongly that while Biden’s tirade against Pakistan was not unexpected, as the US has been doing this regularly; however, she added ‘what is shameful is silence from our imported government and DG ISPR despite comment on our nukes also’.

She said that although given US regime change conspiracy this shameful silence may also not be surprising!

“You need to apologise to Pakistani nation for your nasty remarks just because your regime change conspiracy is faltering,” Mazari told Biden.

“A nuclear US is a threat for the world because you have no control over your nukes. B52 bomber takes off with 6 live nukes 2007 and no one knows for hours,” she added.

Shireen Mazari went on to say that irresponsible super power with nukes and your proclivity to interfere globally with regime change agendas alongside militarising the oceans. Custodial torture in Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, Bagram. Even your own people are not safe with gunmen going on killing sprees. Have some shame Biden.

Reacting on Imran Khan’s response to Biden, she said that this is the difference between Imran Khan with his Pak-centric approach and an the imported government of crooks brought in through the US regime change conspiracy who cannot take a Pak-centric approach because their assets are all abroad and they have been brought to power by external interests.

Mazari said that it seemed even this visit was a failure? US leadership still sees Pakistan in a highly negative way as Biden declared in his most recent tirade against Pakistan. Our nuclear weapons command & control have an unblemished safety record unlike the US but US can never accept a Muslim nuclear state.

So Biden you said something about national cohesion? Seriously the US needs to do some serious introspection before targeting other countries. An unstable nuclear super power with no national cohesion is a grave threat to the rest of the world, she added.

She left questions for imported government and DG ISPR that was the new tirade against Pakistan by Biden the end goal of what the “resetting of ties with the US” was all about? This is the net result of reset of ties with US, after the imported government brought in through US regime change conspiracy?

Criticizing Maryam Nawaz, she said: “You ignorant woman instead of telling off Biden you decided to attack Imran Khan because you have been part of the US regime change conspiracy. Such loyalty to US.”

“If you can grasp anything beyond plundering Pakistan, criticising failure of our imported government’s foreign policy is not an attack on Pakistan,” she added.