Country facing worst kind of load shedding of power, gas: Sheikh Aftab


ATTOCK (MARCH-05): Central Leader Pakistan Muslim League (N) former Federal Minister Sheikh Aftab Ahmed in his special talks with the media on Sunday has strongly criticized the financial mismanagement of PTI Imran Khan leaving the country into serious crisis arisen aftersigning foreign loan agreements of billions dollars with IMF first ever in the history of 70 years besides dissolving provincial assemblies only for his ego satisfaction and stubbornness. While expressing his views on the prevailing economic juncture , Sheikh Aftab Ahmed saidall responsibilities of these circumstances rest upon Imran Khan when the nation compares with the tenure of Muslim League supremo Mian Nawaz Sharif.
Sheikh Aftab Ahmed said that the country was facing worst kind of load sheding of power, gas, of 18 hours when Mian Nawaz Sharif took over as Prime Minister in 2013. He said that more than 14000 mega volts electricity was produced as a result the agonized load sheding was minimized while people was prosperous who were able to earn their livelihood as the industry was at fast track leading to increase in growth rate as par with other developing countries of the region.
He said terrorism was controlled whereas all major projects include motorways, highways, universities, metro mass transport, health care facilities were completed by the PML(N) led Government to ameliorate the living standards of its people. Meanwhile, Imran Khan was planted by the anti-democratic powers to rule over the country who had even snatched jobs, shelters and bite of bread from the common people despite making lame promises of 10 million jobs and 5 million homes. The entire responsibility of all these prevalent situation was fixed upon the PTI Leadership Iman Khan and his ineligible time, Sheikh Aftab add.