Court hints at verdict in Imran-Bushra iddat nikah case by June 27

Court hints at verdict in Imran-Bushra iddat nikah case by June 27

ISLAMABAD, JUN 21: A local court in Islamabad has hinted at delivering its verdict on the petitions of PTI Founder Imran Khan and his wife Bushra Bibi in the iddat nikah case by June 27.

The court emphasized that no additional time will be allotted for further arguments beyond this date. “Even if no party appears, the court will take a decision based on the record of the case,” it declared.

During today’s hearing, PTI supporters demonstrated outside the court in support of Bushra Bibi.

Additional Sessions Judge Afzal Majoka presided over the session, listening to pleas for the suspension of sentences from both Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi.

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Advocate Salman Akram Raja represented the PTI founder, while Usman Riaz Gill represented Bushra Bibi. Zahid Asif Chaudhry submitted a letter of representation on behalf of Khawar Maneka.

Advocate Salman Akram Raja passionately argued for the suspension of the sentence. “This case is indeed a condemnable attack on the sanctity of a Pakistani woman. This whole debate was placed before the court today. Several judgments of the Supreme Court have been given. All the witnesses have testified that how they lied to this court. It has been clarified before the court,” Raja said outside the court, hoping that justice would be done.

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The court remarked that a decision on the applications for suspension of sentence had to be pronounced before June 27.

In its written order for the day, the court noted that the arguments from Salman Akram Raja were partially heard today. Bushra Bibi’s lawyer, Usman Riaz Gill, requested more time to present his arguments, and Zahid Asif also asked for additional time to prepare.

The court has scheduled the next hearing for June 25. The decision on the applications for suspension of sentences will be finalized before June 27, regardless of whether all parties are present, based on the records available.