COVID-19: PM Imran urges joint global strategy to protect labourers


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has appealed to the world community to formulate a joint strategy to protect the vulnerable segments of the society especially the laborers from the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic.

Addressing an online global summit organised by the International Labour Organisation on coronavirus, the prime minister said that labour class across the world has been affected most due to lockdowns imposed across the globe due to Covid-19 pandemic.

He pointed out that many countries including Pakistan depend upon remittances sent by the overseas workers.

“Future is very uncertain as we do not know how long the economy will take to recover from the impacts of the pandemic. We are all praying a vaccine comes out for the virus soon, but, meanwhile, uncertainty prevails,” said the prime minister.

Speaking about the efforts done by his government during the pandemic, Imran Khan said that Pakistan introduced and imposed smart lockdown under which public gatherings were restricted, but the govt allowed other activities like reopening of construction and agriculture sectors.

PM Imran said that his government provided cash assistance to the laborers under Ehsaas Program. It was the first time in Pakistan’s history that such a huge money was disbursed in such a short space of time,” added PM Khan.

He said that a collective strategy is needed to tell other countries to be sympathetic to these labourers.