Cultural Exchange Through Hockey: OHC Bully members embrace Pakistani culture

Cultural Exchange Through Hockey

ISLAMABAD, FEB 26: /DNA/ – The host and chairman of Khawaja Junaid Hockey Academy thanked the OHC Bully team, Dutch Embassy in Islamabad, Punjab Police, HEC, and other stakeholders who were involved and made this Friendship Hockey Series possible. According to Khawaja Junaid, over the past few weeks, the Dutch hockey club OHC Bully had the opportunity to visit Lahore and Islamabad, two beautiful cities in Pakistan. This visit was not only an exciting experience for the club members, but it also served as a way to strengthen cultural ties between the Netherlands and Pakistan. The members of OHC Bully were warmly welcomed by the locals, who were eager to showcase their hospitality and love for the game of hockey.

During their visit to Lahore, the OHC Bully members were able to experience the rich history and culture of the city. They visited Sialkot, famous for sports manufacturers and especially flag ceremony at Wahga Border. Additionally, the club had the opportunity to play three friendly matches with the Prime Minister Youth Program HEC talent team, which they won and allowed them to learn new techniques and strategies from their Pakistani counterparts. In Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, OHC Bully had the chance to explore the modern and vibrant side of the country.

One of the highlights of the visit was the cultural exchange between the Dutch and Pakistani hockey players. The OHC Bully members were able to share their love through songs at a dinner hosted by HEC chairman Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad. This exchange not only strengthened the bond between the two countries but also created lasting friendships among the players.

The visit of OHC Bully to Lahore and Islamabad was a memorable experience for both the club members and the locals. It showcased the power of sports in bringing people together and bridging cultural divides. The club members returned to the Netherlands with a newfound appreciation for Pakistani culture and a deeper understanding of the country.
Overall, the visit of OHC Bully to Lahore and Islamabad was a successful and enriching experience. It served as a reminder of the importance of cultural exchange and sports diplomacy in fostering understanding and friendship between nations. The club members were grateful for the warm welcome they received in Pakistan and look forward to future opportunities to continue building strong connections with the people of Lahore and Islamabad. Khawaj Junaid concluded.