Huma Arshad

Like every year since 1965 Pakistan is all set to observe the Defence and Martyrs Day on 6th September to pay tribute to the martyrs of the nation who had laid down their lives for Pakistan. It is the day to renew our pledge that no power on earth can undo Pakistan and we are a powerful, self-driven nation. Our defenders are the sign of solidarity, honest, and discipline with the purity to sacrifice their lives for their homeland. We observed the day to honor the martyrs of the September 1965 war which was imposed on Pakistan by India. The country has started observing this day to remember both civilians and military personals who had sacrificed for Pakistan. Defence Day is the day for celebrating and remembering all that so we can be strong and pass the message of courage and honesty to the youth of our country. It was the early 1960s when India was showing aggression. India wanted to change Kashmir’s status and denied all the UN resolutions on the Kashmir issue. Among all these Kashmiri people were continuously raising their voices for freedom. In August 1965, severe clashes happened at LOC, and both countries started exchanging fire. On 6th September India attacked Pakistan hoping that it would win, but our well-organized army and our defense towards the attack had shocked them. Then on 7 September, single Pakistan airforce pilot M.M. Alam shot down five Indian airforce aircraft, which became a world record. M.M.Alam was flying F-86 aircraft. Hence Soldiers of Pakistan defended the country so that you and I till this year can celebrate this Day with freedom in our homeland.

We remember you on this Day

Our region has a history of producing one of the bravest of its time. Every year by celebrating this Day we pledge to protect our country and people. Aitazaz Hasan, Principal Tahira Qazi, Flight Lieutenant Marium Mukhhhtiar, and Arfa Kareem are all the greatest examples of that pledge and the sacrifices they have made for their people has set a great example of patriotism, sacrifice, and love for the people of Pakistan who are united under one ideology that is Islam.

Tahira Qazi, Principal of Army Public School is a name one can never miss. She had lost her life while protecting the students when the school came under attack on 16th December 2014. She was awarded Sitara-e-Shuja’at by the Government.  Her bravery and sacrifice are an example of selflessness and love for her students. On the other hand, if we see the story of Aitaza Hasan, a 15-year-old boy, we came to know that this 15-year-old student had sacrificed his life while stopping a suicide bomber from entering his school in District Hangu KPK.His act of bravery saved the lives of 2000 students who were gathered for a morning assembly in the school in village Ibrahimzai of District Hangu. Marium Mukhtiar was a PAF flying officer, she is the first female pilot to die in a mission. When a trainer jet crashed and she embraced martyrdom. According to her parents, she always wanted to do something different The Government of Pakistan awarded Marium with Tamgh-e- Basalt. If we look into the contribution of Arfa Kareem we came to know that she became the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional at the age of nine in 2004. She was personally invited by Bill Gates to visit Microsoft Headquarters in the USA. Arfa left us in 2012 following a cardiac arrest. 

If we talk about the celebration of 6th September, we got to know that various military parades and celebrations are arranged on Defence Day. In military parades, we see innovations and advancements in the latest tactics. The main aim of all this is to celebrate our veterans and to honor and celebrate our military strength. Social media and TV channels play a pivotal role to boost and honor these celebrations on Defence Day.

We all must remember the sacrifices given by our soldiers and civilians for our homeland . Every Pakistani citizen’s vision should revolve around the progress and prosperity of Pakistan.