DG ANF pays homage to “Shuhadas of ANF” and “6th September 1965”



RAWALPINDI, SEPT 5 – Defence day is the remembrance of the fact that Pakistani nation has always stood firm and tall against our adversaries.

No matter it is an aggressive country or enemy within us like miscreants or drug traffickers.

Today we present our tribute to our “Shuhadas & Ghazis” and pledge to ourselves that we will not waste their sacrifice and protect the legacy as “Sacred Duty”.

The celebrations of defence day are a true message to the enemies that nation stands united and emerged victorious like 1965 war, against lager enemy. The nation will stand firm and will not hesitate to give any sacrifice. We will face the world in line with the principals of our Quaid “Faith, Unity and Discipline”.

Being the head of leading drug law enforcement agency of Pakistan, I and my force are fighting against this curse. As a citizen of Pakistan it is your and my joint responsibility to support the government and institutions in the fight against drugs.

I assure you that ANF will fight against drug menace with extreme professional commitment and despite all odds and challenges will pursue the assigned mandate with devotion and dedication.

I, here will pay homage to “Shuhadas of ANF” and “6th September 1965” who sacrificed their present for our future generation.=DNA