DGTO’s letter on FPCCI matters objectionable, insulting: BMP


The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry’s Businessmen Panel (BMP) has strongly criticized and condemned the baseless allegations and unjustified letter of the Director General of Trade Organization (DGTO) in the affairs of the FPCCI. Further, the questioning of the legality of the FPCCI’s previous elections and the discharge of its duties has been termed as malicious, intrusive and insulting.Addressing a press conference here at PIAF office on Thursday, the FPCCI’s Businessmen Panel Chairman Mian Anjum Nisar observed that he is surprised at the manner in which the credibility of the FPCCI’s elections, held in Dec 2021, is being questioned while the Sindh High Court had also dismissed the suit filed by the rival group and upheld the whole election process.The FPCCI former president Anjum Nisar highlighted the fact that after extensive arguments, considering all the facts and the reports filed by the DGTO office the  Sindh High Court in its order, dated March 18, 2022, upheld the legality, fairness, conduct and sanctity of the elections. Moreover, the opposing candidates in the FPCCI elections did not even challenge the writ order.The BMP Chairman said that FPCCI has been working diligently to streamline the affairs and operations of the institution and making it as per international standards. He said that the Executive Committee appreciates the performance of the President FPCCI while all matters of the FPCCI are being decided only after the approval of the Executive Committee. The FPCCI provides comprehensive research reports and recommendations on various sectors and industries for the benefit of the business community and the national economy and also supports the government through its policy advocacy efforts and active involvement in various advisory processes. .Mian Anjum Nisar pointed out the fact that currently no complaint has been filed with the regulator regarding the affairs of the FPCCI, which shows their integrity, transparency, fairness, competence and diligent performance of their duties. He further said that DGTO’s letter dated August 29, 2023 is vague, illogical, denotes immorality and malice; Because it mentions that some cases were reported to the regulator and does not even bother to mention whether a formal written complaint has been received or not? Hence, it is clear that the regulator is acting under will, desires and prejudices.Moreover, the claim that the FPCCI’s elections were controversial, is completely false and preposterous. Anjum Nisar demanded that the DGTO should withdraw his letter unconditionally and maintain his neutrality as regulator, instead of trying to spread misinformation and discontent among Pakistan’s business community. He further said that FPCCI is the apex body and institution of national importance and no one should be allowed to undermine this institution.