Director Arts Council predicts a bright future for Urdu literature in Pakistan

Director Arts Council predicts a bright future for Urdu literature in Pakistan

Rawalpindi, OCT 22 /DNA/ – Punjab Arts Council in collaboration with international writers forum organized book launching ceremonies of five different writers and poets. The well-known poet and writer of the country Dr. Farhat Abbas presided over the literary gathering.

Poet and writer NusratYab Khan Nusrat presented Naat in the program. Shahzad Afuq was the host of the literary ceremony. Dr. Khalid Asran’s fictional collection “FusunZaar”, Faiza Malik’s poetry collection “EkShahrWafaTha”, Dr. Saber Afaqi’s book “AapkaKaalam”, Asim Nawaz Khandi’s books “Baba JiSalimKhandi, Naqtnazar” was presented in the literary event. NaseemSahar, Naveed Malik, Prof. NaumanNazir, Ahmed Mazhoor Ashraf and Kamal Abbas, while discussing extensively, said that these books are a great addition to Urdu literature in many respects.

The participants and observers paid tribute to Chairman ShehzadAfuq Al-Tamimi’s books, literature, writers and his services for literature. Director Arts Council Waqar Ahmad said that the future of Urdu literature in Pakistan is bright. The young generation is stepping into the field of literature with creativity. A new generation is creating the best literature with research.

Naveed Malik, patron of the forum, said that the forum is trying to promote and develop literature by supporting writers and poets outside the grouping. Mr. President congratulated all the writers for their efforts. A large number of friends from the twin cities attended the function.