Doha Summit: A chance of “loss and win” for Taliban regime    


Shamim Shahid Abdul Waheed

In order to participate in third conference scheduled to be held at Doha, Qatar on June 30th till July 3 next,  regarding ongoing situation and future prospects of Afghanistan, the Taliban leaders governing Kabul have held talks with representatives of the United Nations and Qatar, and come up with the demand of Afghanistan seat in United Nations.

In connection with making successful the event, UN Secretary General’s representatives are touring the region. The UN representative had visited Kabul couple of days back and held details conversations with Taliban office holders. Taliban leadership besides listening to UN officioals also handed over a list of its demands which included beside others recognition of its Emirate Islami and giving it the UN seat on permanent grounds.

Whatever might be its conclusion and decisions but almost sessions of over three days much important gathering to be attended by a number of countries, either having stakes or interested in ending of over four decades conflict in Afghanistan but Taliban’s decision banning girls’ education, ending women’s jobs and establishing an inclusive government are believed to be its main key terms on the agenda. But instead, Taliban wants to include its achievements like controlling drugs production and its eradication, improving security situation and combating the IS (Daesh) militants considering a serious threat to the global peace may be made part of the agenda.

But apart from UN and Taliban, others especially European and Far Eastern world would definitely highlight political and rights issues as no one is allowed to exercise just human rights, Since mid of August 2021, forced disappearance, mysterious target and extra judicial killing, detention of men and women, denying just rights of expression to media personnel, making mum and even killing and beating of singers, musicians and artists are considered routine matters across Afghanistan. It will also be hard for the global community to remain silent spectators to what happening at hands of gun-totting Taliban inside prison houses and detention centers with all those who have served the country in different categories. All those who either remained in civil or in security organs since November 2001 last are still treated by Taliban as “enemies and American agents.” Hundreds of such people are locked in prisons for undine since August 2021 last.

Except Russian Federation, nor any other country extended either any support to Taliban or willing to endorse its demand for giving representation in UN and recognition of its regime. Though Chinese are willing to recognize Taliban but they ( Chinese) are aware its prices. It could be hard for China to formally recognize Taliban regime before of any other member of international community. Pakistan is making conditional all of its support and cooperation to Taliban. Compare to recent past, Pakistan’s position on the issue of Afghanistan is now different but still it effecting rest of the worlds on the grounds of its domains over “Islamic hardlines.”

In such a circumstances, defending its case could be very hard for Taliban in much high profile Doha Conference, considered biggest event in Qatar after February 2020 last when the US and Pakistan backed Afghan Taliban signed an agreement. Through this agreement, Taliban succeeded in returning to power but they had failed in earning hearts of common Afghans who having no any concern that who is in power and who is governing Afghanistan but they are much more interested in peace and tranquility in their motherland.

On such grounds, participation of Taliban government Doha Conference would definitely requires with strong arguments, especially with a positive approach, adopting a flexible and showing a balanced flexibility in the framework of its internal and external responsibilities and obligations.  At the international level, the Taliban can communicate to the international community positive aspects of their achievements especially defending sovereignty and solidarity of the country, ensuring peace and tranquility and discouraging production of opium and its conversion in valuable commodities and its trafficking as well. Similarly patiently listening, understanding and  responding its positive assurances about common men ( Afghans) miseries from the participants/observers and HR  activists  could make beneficial the Taliban who are now reluctant to share powers with others despite commitments made in Doha February 2020 historical documents.

The Third globally applauded Doha conference might be a valuable opportunity for Taliban rulers as through it in return of international community’s demands pertained to honouring of human rights, allowing girls education and women to contribute in addressing economic needs of families, ending of political victimization and others, Taliban could easily cash its achievements. Doha conference could prove a golden chance for Taliban to review its all those internal and external shortfalls as Afghanistan is still on the bank of another global strategy, whereas US lead allies days and nights made hard by Russian federation on defense side and Chinese on economic side.

Attending the said meeting will certainly reduce sensitivity and mistrust of global community towards Taliban, calling also Emirate Islami Afghanistan. Through this event, Taliban could easily convey its messages to rest of the world and can easily convince some of community fellows in favour of its achievements. Similarly through this event, Taliban could easily convince rest of the world which is really interested in nothing else except ending of hostilities and return to peace and tranquility in the war devastated Afghanistan. Through this scheduled event, Taliban without support or assistance of any third party mediation, could easily response to reservations and observations of international community and can get a lot for the war affected people of Afghanistan. It is the time

Whatever might be the situation, Taliban must avail the opportunity otherwise its decision of didn’t attending the moot could be an emotional blunder. Though Taliban would call it an independence in decisions and didn’t bowing head to compromise its principles in according to their own interpreted Islamic doctrine but it would pose very bad impacts on the future of already over war devastated Afghanistan. It would make more isolate Afghanistan at the time when its sheltered banned Tehrik Taliban Afghanistan is considered a serious threats to its links with Pakistan and Russian Federation and some of Central Asian countries are considering Afghanistan sheltered IS militants a threat to its peace.