Dr. Musadiq, French Dy Head Mission discuss collaboration in energy sector



ISLAMABAD, Federal Minister of Energy, Dr. Musadiq Masood Malik and French Deputy Head of Mission in Pakistan, Guillaume Dabouis on Thursday discussed potential avenues of collaboration in Pakistan’s energy sector.

During the meeting, the Deputy Head Mission expressed France’s keen interest in investing in various aspects of Pakistan’s energy landscape, ranging from LNG cargo provision to energy resource exploration, and projects aimed at enhancing energy trading, distribution, and transmission within the country, as per a news release.

He also expressed interest in initiatives towards reducing line losses and revitalizing Pakistan’s energy sector as a whole.

The minister reiterated his commitment to dedicating significant time and effort towards addressing Pakistan’s longstanding energy challenges comprehensively.

Dr. Musadiq Masood Malik reaffirmed the Prime Minister’s unwavering commitment to further improving the performance of key sectors, including Energy, Finance, Commerce, Industries & Production, and Communication.

He emphasized that agriculture is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy, and the Prime Minister is committed to modernizing the agricultural sector by integrating AI and Machine Learning technologies.

To achieve the vision of the Prime Minister, the entire cabinet is determined to bring about significant changes for Pakistan’s long-term growth and prosperity.