DUET will organize 2-day NMSATAF-2020 Interactive session for Scholars


By Correspondent

KARACHI: The Department of Metallurgy and Materials Dawood University of Engineering and Technology Karachi will organize 2 day event titled National Multidisciplinary Symposium on Advanced Technologies and Allied Fields (NMSATAF-2020) here on December 23rd and 24, 2020.Event Host Chairman Dr. Sajid Hussain Siyal of department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering DUET Karachi told this scribe about the event activities, he said in the wake of global pandemic, DUET is going to arrange an exciting two-day an interactive event to provide a platform to the scholars and intellectuals from different walks of life for Advanced Techs and Allied Fields in future educational development.He said aims of the event, representing platform for the prestigious institute of the country and thier scholars, they have significant years of experience as to share their ideas to discus on national issues.

Dr. Sajid Hussain Siyal told that this interactive session is an opportunity for scholars, researchers and research students to exchange their ideas for the upcoming advanced technologies in education.He said participation by the research students, post-doctoral researchers, active faculty members and Scientists/Engineers will be encouraged to proceed for the registration and maximum benefit of learning education on knowledge-based fields as well as young researchers and research students working in different fields will be facilitated for accumulation if knowledge.He said the topics are among progression toward next generation hybrid energy storage devices by Dr. Zahir, while an harmonic effects at the surface of Ag(111) in presence of small Cu clusters by Dr. Hayat.Similarly design and development of optimized nanomaterials for efficient plasmonic solar cells by Dr. Asif, while emerging materials and their contribution towards science and society by Dr. Shumaila.As for rapid detection of bacteria using hybrid plasmonic platform via Raman Spectroscopy by Dr. Adnan, while effects of hydrogen on the degradation of nuclear materials by Dr. Ahsan, the instructor as a quadrilateral by Dr. Dubash, while effective reading by Dr. Bushra Ahmad.Host of the event at DUET Karachi, Dr. Siyal announces free registration and opportunities for all the student researchers and Scholars to participate in free webinar by registration is open throughout country he said.