ECP should hold free, on time polls rather working on minus Khan formula: PTI

ECP should hold free, on time polls rather working on minus Khan formula: PTI

Says electoral watchdog’s unusual eagerness to decide Imran’s cases speedily reprehensible 

Vows PTI won’t accept ECP’s any unconstitutional, unlawful decision against its Chairman

ISLAMABAD, OCT 11 /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) spokesperson reminded the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) its legal and constitutional role to hold free, fair and transparent elections within the constitutionally mandated timeframe instead of working on the malicious minus Imran Khan agenda.

PTI spokesperson strongly reacted to the electoral watchdog’s extra-ordinary eagerness and enthusiasm to speedily decide the politically-motivated, fabricated and false cases against PTI Chairman and said that the nation would not accept any unlawful and unconstitutional decision and action of the commission against Imran Khan come what may.

He said that the PTI strongly rejected the electoral body’s all unconstitutional and illegal attempts to make Imran Khan a target of retribution and to minus him from politics.

PTI spokesperson went on to say that the ECP was playing a main stooge role in deviating from the constitution and murder of democracy in the country.

He recalled that the electoral watchdog’s prejudice against PTI and Chairman Imran Khan was evident from its unconstitutional and partisan actions during the last 17 months.

PTI spokesperson underlined that the electoral body’s sole constitutional responsibility was to conduct free, fair and transparent elections within the constitutionally defined deadline; however the commission miserably failed in fulfilling its constitutional role in this regard.

He contended that the ECP was unfortunately playing the role of a political party rather than conducting elections in the stipulated time limit, adding that the commission was paving the way for pre-poll rigging, thereby damaging the integrity and credibility of the forthcoming general elections.

PTI spokesperson continued that the President of the country in his letter sent to the Chief Election Commissioner on September 13 emphasized on the holding elections within the constitutional period of 90 days and fixed the date of November 6, which the commission threw into the dustbin.

He stated that the ECP turned its back to its constitutional responsibilities to hold polls within the constitutional and was focusing all its attention on the minus Imran Khan agenda, which was evident from the ECP’s unusual interest and eagerness to accelerate the proceedings on the politically-motivated and basely cases against PTI Chairman.

PTI Spokesperson revealed that since they could not get the desired results in the concocted Toshakhana case, the ECP wanted to achieve the goals by implicating Imran Khan in the futile contempt of the commission case.

However, he made it clear that PTI neither scared of such unconstitutional and immoral tactics based on political vendetta and prejudice before nor would petrified now.

PTI spokesperson declared that PTI would never accept any illegal and unconstitutional decision or action of ECP against party chairman come what may.