Edu ministry introduces evening shifts

Edu ministry introduces evening shifts

ISLAMABAD, JUN 12 (DNA) — The Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training has announced to introduce of evening shifts in 51 schools across the city, starting from the next academic session.

According to the Education Ministry, this initiative aims to address the challenges faced during the enrollment campaign, where many schools saw a significant increase in student numbers, with some primary classes exceeding  50  students per class and reaching 100.

“To ensure quality education and a conducive learning environment, we will upgrade infrastructure in the designated schools and arranged additional honorarium for teachers to support the evening shifts”.

The evening shifts will help alleviate the pressure on morning classes, providing a better student-to-teacher ratio and an improved learning experience.  “We are committed to providing quality education to all students, and this initiative is a significant step towards achieving our goals” it added. — DNA