Education institutions play vital role against drug addiction

Education institutions play vital role against drug addiction

ISLAMABAD, JAN 29 (DNA) — Consultant, Anti Drugs & Narcotics Campaign Syed Zulfiqar Hussain Monday expressed his serious fear over the rising number of drug addiction among students and called for taking up necessary steps for prevention of drug use as it has emerged as a serious threat in the present digital lives of society.

Talking to the PTV news channel, he said that earlier the problem used to prevail among males, but now it has spread among females and children in our country in an alarming proportion, adding, that there is a dire need to urgently combat the situation with the coordination efforts of academic institutions.

He said that it is not just self-interest habit but motivation by their near one and friends’ company which was the most important factor, which led to the drug use.  He said addiction to narcotics must be eradicated from its roots to safeguard the youth and prosperity of the country, adding, that drug use can be reduced through public awareness seminars and campaigns.

Experts recommended there should be awareness of the dangerous effects of narcotics in the youth of Pakistan. He said that appropriate treatment facilities should also be established for children and female drug users.

The problem of drug abuse is likely to explode in the next decade, particularly affecting children under age 14, adding, that the impact of the increasing drug abuse will be seen in both urban and rural areas of the country due to the busy schedules of parents and excessive use of digital gadgets.

He said the adverse effects of drug abuse are immense and it not only harms the brain but other organs of the body which soon loses immunity to fight disease.  The individual cannot lead a productive life for himself, his family or society and hence one should guard oneself against drugs, he added.

“Education is only best weapon against drugs”, he added. “Children need to be taught about the dangers of consuming drugs”, he mentioned.  He said that the government is collaborating with non-government organizations, including educational institutes, to raise awareness among people, especially youngsters, about the harmful effects of drugs on society.

Replying to a question, he explained that there is a problem in the family’s communication with the children, adding,  all busy with other things such as chatting through their mobile phones.

  We believe that the modern communication systems have created a sort of isolation with the family,” he said.   “There is a need for strong communication between the parents and the children”, he advised. — DNA