Education is the foremost and fundamental need for the transformation of humanity, and this transformation really acquires to leave no stones unturned as well the magnificent framework with superb administration.

The main concise of education is that it builds in people the consciousness with regard to their global citizenship at both the national and international arena. As education is a way towards development of a nation our country’s education system needs to provide healthier meals so that it can also produce the courteous and proficient and the adept minds, who can later serve for the development of Pakistan, as the education can lift a state from poverty to prosperity. But unfortunately, the education system of Pakistan is not taken into consideration by the leaders and politicians of our state. It composed into it so many complexities and the factors which really need to situate appropriately. Sadly, the politicians really do not take into contemplation the educational system of the country, which requires to be changed qualitatively. The system’s formation with the good quality also inculcates the requirement of time to be implemented. It is a demise that our politicians only work with accord to the electoral periods but they forgot that their electoral cycles have nothing to align with the education’s quality.

 The question to be raised is that why our state’s politicians did not talk about the improving the education system for a single time in any of their statements? Why is it? Are they our masses who do not value the good education? Don’t they want to provide their children the quality education? Today, mostly people of Pakistan put water down the soup and have to pay the high dues to the private sector education, just because of the fascinating environment of the schools and colleges and the quality of education. In contrary, the public sector education is disregarded and the competition is made among the children who are characterized on the basis of their schooling sectors.

To be sentenced to the administration that why our state’s educational system be on compromise line for every time? Education is a Human Right too, but our students are not much blessed to be considered capable of regarding with this right for their transformation and also for nation’s sake. In Pakistan, education is on the neglection level which lacks development in all the forums of life, lower budget is been awarded to this system since the nation’s birth which becomes the reason of its weak foundations. Education is made difficult for students to absorb, instead of encouraging them towards achieving their goals and fulfill their dreams, they are weighed down with the lots of books and note books which did not let them to have spare time to think about their own dreams. Our system is a disgrace, which is stuck to the same teaching methods comprising zero motivations.

There is much need for our system of education to be transformed, many factors in this sector needed to be focused but mainly with the demand of spending more on education, there is also a need for the system to be efficient and administration to run a taut ship because only spending money will not be effective, as illiteracy and lack of awareness are the promotions of ineffective education system. The policies should be established with the committees and commissions to alter the educational system of Pakistan, which is considered as a disgrace and really need to be improved.