Eighteen Announces Groundbreaking Agreement with ECHO for State-of-the-Art Petrol Station


 Islamabad Dec 22: /DNA/ – Eighteen is thrilled to announce a significant development within its community—the establishment of a new fuel station site. This housing society has signed an agreement with ECHO, an initiative by Mehar Oil and Gas Private Limited, to bring a modern and convenient fueling station to the area.This new agreement aligns with Eighteen’s commitment to enhancing the convenience and accessibility of essential services for its residents and the surrounding community.The agreement was signed by Tarek Hamdy, CEO EIGHTEEN, and Mehar Muhammad Asif, Chairman Echo Oil Private Limited a project of Mehar Group. The addition of this petrol station reflects Eighteen’s dedication to providing essential services that improve the overall living experience of its residents.Positioned strategically within the Eighteen vicinity, it aims to provide unparalleled accessibility without compromising on environmental considerations, ensuring safety, efficiency and a seamless experience for all patrons.