Environmental experts to get UAE’s 10-year Blue Visa



ABU DHABI: Environmental experts will now be able to avail the Blue Visa, a special 10-year residency permit that the United Arab Emirates has specially designed for them.

The plan to issue the Blue Visa was unveiled after the UAE cabinet made the decision owing to their commitment towards environmental conservation.

The special visa is aimed at individuals who are actively working towards improving the environment through conservation efforts, advocacy, research and other initiatives.

It is also a recognition of the significance of their work in preserving the natural world, according to UAE authorities. The gulf nation’s Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced the introduction of the Blue Visa via social media channels.

In his message, he emphasised the vital role environmental sustainability plays in ensuring the prosperity of future generations.

“The Blue Visa isn’t just a residency permit; it’s a symbol of the UAE’s dedication to environmental protection.”

By granting this visa to outstanding contributors in the field, the UAE aims to attract and retain top talent, fostering innovation and expertise in environmental conservation.

This initiative comes at a time when the Middle East is experiencing unprecedented climate changes, underlining the urgency of collective action to mitigate environmental degradation. Traditionally, UAE residency visas have had a validity of two years.

However, with the introduction of the Golden Visa programme in 2019 and the subsequent Green Visa scheme, the country is leading to offer long-term residency options to various groups, including investors, entrepreneurs, highly skilled professionals and now, environmental advocates.

The environmentalists working across various domains, be it marine, terrestrial or atmospheric, are encouraged to apply for the Blue Visa.