Envoy thanks Chinese govt for safe evacuation of Pakistani citizens from Sudan


BEIJING, May. 1 (DNA): Pakistani ambassador to China, Moin ul Haque visited Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and thanked the Chinese government for safely evacuated Pakistani citizens from Sudan.

Moin ul Haque met Director General of the Asian Department of the Foreign Ministry, Liu Jin Song and conveyed special thanks from Pakistani government, Gwadar Pro reported on Monday.

“With the help of China, more than two hundred Pakistani citizens have safely left Sudan by boarding Chinese vehicles and military planes and we are very proud of our friendship.

Pakistan and China always support each other in times of difficulty and in the recent developments China’s support is another reflection of Pak-China friendship”, he added.

Liu Jinsong said that this time China has helped friendly countries, including Pakistan, and China is willing to continue its mutual support with Pakistan and take bilateral relations to a higher level.

“Our two countries have a longstanding tradition of sharing weal and woe. We are grateful to our Chinese friends for evacuation of Pakistanis from Port Sudan”, Earlier ambassador tweeted.=DNA