Euro 2024: Belgium’s Tedesco sees ‘extreme potential’ following win against Romania


Berlin, JUN 23: Belgium manager Domenico Tedesco believes that the team has “extreme potential” following their 2-0 victory against Romania on Saturday.

“We are very relieved we won. It was very important to get the three points. For the rest of the tournament, we are released (from the pressure) and happy,” Tedesco said.

As the Devils will be up against Ukraine on June 26, Tedesco has faith in his team that they will play a very impactful game in the European Championship 2024 held in Germany.

“We have an extreme amount of potential. Let’s see, the last game will be difficult,” he said.

Tedesco urges Red Devils adopt ‘killer instinct’

The Italian-German manager mentioned that the Belgium football team repeated the same mistake against Romania that was a reason for their loss against Slovakia.

He urged his team to develop a killer instinct to thrive in the latter fixtures, adding that the team needs to improve its ability to finish scoring opportunities at the earliest.

“The difference is we scored two goals and in the first we didn’t score any. Of course we like the second game more,” Tedesco said.

“Romania left more spaces than Slovakia did. Of course, we missed one or two chances. It would be better if we could kill the game earlier.

“The mentality was good. It’s a pity if you see the quality of chances we created. But it’s not easy against Romania,” he added.

Belgium has ‘lots of quality’

Romania’s coach, Edward Lordanescu, on the other hand, praised Belgium for their commendable performance and mentioned that his team, Romania, missed the opportunities that could help them win the match.

“You saw a team with lots of quality. They have speed, they have explosion and they have power. That is why I said don’t get fooled by the first game,” he said.

“It is not a mistake that they are third in the world. They are a candidate to win the trophy.

“The game did not start well for us but we fought very hard. With a bit of luck, we could have got a point.”

Following Romania’s 3-0 win against Ukraine, Lordanescu is optimistic about their win against Slovakia in their last game.

“Now is the moment of truth. Let’s see how we deal with difficulties. We need solidarity and unity.”

“We are still top of the group. We have what it takes to write history for Romania,” he said.

Belgium played really well with Youri Tielemans scoring a goal after just 73 seconds, and Kevin De Bruyne’s late strike helped the team win their first match after facing a 1-0 defeat against Slovakia in their inaugural match.

The Red Devils were at the brink of elimination from Euro 2024 if they had lost to Romania at the Cologne Stadium.