European leaders hail post-Brexit deal


                Brussels,:Political leaders in Europe on Thursday hailed the belated sealing of a UK-EU post-Brexit deal that aims to to lay the groundwork for long-term future cooperation.
                  - Britain -
                  British Prime Minister Boris Johnson lauded what he termed "a good deal for the whole of Europe," which offers "a new stability and a new certainty" to relations.
                  Former prime ministers David Cameron and Theresa May, who both resigned over Brexit, dubbed the deal "very welcome". May said it "provides confidence to business and helps keep trade flowing".
                  - European Union -
                  Chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier warned "this agreement will require efforts," and notably pledged support to EU fishermen and women after fishing proved the toughest of issues to resolve.
                  - Ireland -
                  Irish Prime Minister Micheal Martin said the deal "represents a good compromise and a balanced outcome" which will avoid a hard border on the border with Northern Ireland, stressing "the UK will always be a close friend and partner".
                  - Germany -
                  German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she was "confident" the deal represents a "good outcome" that Germany would be able to support.
                  - Spain -
                  Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez tweeted "the principle of an agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom is welcome," while adding that Madrid and London must continue talking on the status of Gibraltar.
                  - Netherlands-
                  "Excellent news that an agreement on a new EU-UK partnership has been reached after tough negotiations," Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte tweeted, complimenting Michel Barnier and European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen for "their tireless efforts".
                  - Portugal -
                  "I warmly welcome the reaching of an agreement with the United Kingdom," Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa tweeted, underlining that the UK will remain an important partner and ally.