Europe’s slimmest women live in Azerbaijan


The World Health Organization has compiled the ranking of European countries with the highest rate of obesity among women. Report says citing Russian media that, according to the study, Azerbaijan (15.8%) took the last place in this ranking, where women suffer least from obesity. The figure makes Azerbaijan the land of the slimmest women in Europe.

While Moldova is second from the last place with only 16.2% women suffering from obesity, Bosnia and Herzegovina share third place with Armenia (17.1%).

The figure reaches 18.1% in Russia, 19.2% in Georgia, and it is quite high in Turkey, where 24.4% of women suffer from obesity.

Hungary shows the highest percentage of women with obesity (28.2%). The World Health Organization also cited figures to compare the situation to the United States, where 35.5% of women are overweight.

The ranking also embraces Great Britain (26.9%), Ireland (25.1%), Spain (24.6%), Germany (24.2%), France and Ukraine (22%), and Italy (20.1%)