Experts discuss Next-Generation Air Warfare Strategies at CASS Lahore


ISLAMABAD, JUN 28 /DNA/ – The Centre for Aerospace & Security Studies (CASS), Lahore, hosted a seminar titled “Next-Generation Air Warfare: Transforming South Asian Air Forces” on 27 June 2024.

The event focused on the evolving landscape of air warfare, amid emerging  technologies. Ms Nidaa Shahid, Senior Researcher, CASS, delivered the introductory  remarks.

Air Commodore Khalid Banuri (Retd), a senior strategy analyst, delivered a compelling  keynote address wherein he discussed the evolution of air warfare through emerging  technologies such as AI and called for active partnership between the defence sector, government entities and the private sector to leverage emerging technologies and to  ensure the modernisation of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF).

Dr Ghulam Mujaddid, Assistant Professor, National Defence University, provided  insights from the Russia-Ukraine conflict, illustrating the effectiveness of advanced  weapon systems in air warfare. Noting that Russian nuclear forces are on high alert, he highlighted the delicate balance between conventional and nuclear escalation. He also emphasised the strategic use of cyber warfare in modern military operations to bolster the resilience of smaller air forces against larger adversaries.

Dr Adil Sultan, Dean FASS, Air University, illustrated the critical importance of continuous adaptation, stating that next-generation air dominance will feature advanced aircraft, drones, AI and integrated systems. He further called on the military-industrial complex to invest in dual-use technology to reduce costs. He also alluded to the role of think tanks in carrying out focused studies with the aim to provide policy relevant input to the policymakers.

In his concluding remarks, Air Marshal Asim Suleiman (Retd), President, CASS, Lahore, said that the PAF stands at a critical juncture in evolving geopolitical and military scenarios. He highlighted the pivotal role of emerging technologies such as AI, big data analytics, autonomous systems, cyber warfare, unmanned aerial vehicles, and hypersonic weapons in national defence. Noting that the IAF is incorporating these advancements, he stressed the need for the PAF to remain proactive and innovative.

He also praised Chief of Air Staff Zaheer Ahmad Babar Sidhu’s flagship project, NASTP, for its vital role in integrating these technologies and maintaining the PAF’s strategic edge.

The speakers stressed the necessity of equipping the PAF with the necessary tools to navigate tomorrow’s battlefields and safeguard the nation’s security interests.