Experts laud China’s role in advancing Hybrid Rice cultivation in Pakistan

Experts laud China's role in advancing Hybrid Rice cultivation in Pakistan

Islamabad, Apr 12 (DNA): Experts lauded China’s role in advancing Hybrid Rice cultivation in Pakistan, according to a report published by Gwadar Pro.

The Chairman of the Pakistan Hitech Hybrid Seed Association (PHHSA), Shahzad Ali Malik, in a press briefing, highlighted the pivotal role of Chinese expertise in revolutionizing Pakistan’s agriculture through hybrid seed technology.

This collaboration marks a significant stride towards self-sufficiency and the bolstering of Pakistan’s export potential in key crops including cotton, wheat, edible oils, and pulses.

Malik pointed out that the adoption of hybrid rice technology from China has already showcased remarkable yield improvements, setting a precedent for its application across other agricultural sectors.

The initiative aims at reducing Pakistan’s heavy reliance on imports by enhancing local production capabilities.

For cotton, a critical export commodity, hybrid technology promises higher yields and quality, positioning Pakistan to reduce imports and explore export opportunities.

Similarly, the introduction of hybrid wheat and oilseed varieties like soybean and sunflower is expected to boost productivity, quality, and domestic availability, potentially transforming Pakistan into a net exporter of these commodities.

Malik also touched upon the issue of pulse shortages, emphasizing that hybrid varieties could significantly enhance local production, thereby decreasing the need for imports and enabling Pakistan to meet its domestic demand more effectively.

This strategic move towards hybrid varieties, in collaboration with China, aims to ensure food security, achieve economic stability, and foster export growth, underlining the crucial role of advanced agricultural technologies in Pakistan’s development, he maintained.