Experts weigh in: Ice cream’s surprising health benefits

Experts weigh in: Ice cream's surprising health benefits

Experts say ice cream might not be as bad for your health as you think. Registered dietitians don’t like labeling foods as “good” or “bad,” but they do suggest being careful, especially about the sugar and saturated fat in ice cream, according to the Huffington Post.

One scoop of ice cream has almost all the sugar and fat you should have in a day. Registered dietitian Edwina Clark recommends that having a scoop of ice cream every day as part of a balanced diet probably won’t hurt you.

Ice cream has some good things in it too, like calcium, magnesium, B12 vitamins, and protein, which helps keep your blood sugar stable.

The milk and cream in ice cream are also rich in vitamin A and choline, which are good for your eyes, immune system, and brain development.

Recent studies suggest that whole-milk dairy might not raise the risk of heart disease. But these studies didn’t separate milk, cheese, and healthier options like yogurt and ice cream.

But non-dairy ice cream isn’t always healthier. It can have a lot of sugar, fat, and even artificial sweeteners and thickeners.

The important thing is to control how much you eat. Dietitians say you shouldn’t have more than half a cup of ice cream a day, and that might be different for each person.

So, in short, ice cream can be part of a healthy diet if you eat it in moderation. Look for ice cream with simple ingredients and watch how much you eat. And now, the best part: enjoying your ice cream!