Exploring trade opportunities, RCCI organizes PAK-UK BOC in Birmingham



Rawalpindi: The Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) in collaboration with Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce (GBCC) has organized the fourth Pak-UK trade and investment conference in Birmingham.

The conference, happening for the fourth time, was held at Birmingham council house with the participation of Chamber patrons and more than 75 delegates from Pakistan. Lord Mayor of Birmingham Maureen Cornish was the chief guest on the occasion.

Acting Consul General Bakhtawar Mir, leader of Birmingham city council Ian Ward, Commonwealth Chamber president Mark Smith, vice president of GBCC Dr. Nasir Awan, minister on trade and investment of Pakistan Shafiq Shahzad, Shehzad Chaudhary from the department for international trade, Chris Lau from West Midlands Growth Company and Mandy Haque from the GBCC addressed the conference and highlighted the key areas for expanding the scope, diversification of products and enhanced networking for promoting trade ties and increasing the bilateral trade volume.

RCCI president Saqib Rafiq welcomed the delegation to the event and said: “I acknowledge the good efforts of my predecessors for the betterment of the Chamber and their contribution to highlight the problems of the business community at all forums.

“I look forward to working with distinguished members, esteemed stakeholders, policy makers and well-wishers for the continuous development of the private sector of the country which will facilitate the pathway of prosperity and strengthen regional and global collaboration leveraging a new perspective for the development of the private sector.” He said that the main purpose of the trade conference was to increase bilateral cooperation in various sectors, especially IT services, food, poultry, garments, textiles and machinery. He said that Britain is a major trading partner of Pakistan. He emphasized on increasing networking sharing sector specific information JVs and UK brands in Pakistan. He also highlighted trade and Investment opportunities in Pakistan.

Acting Consul General Bakhtawar Mir said in her address that there is a need to diversify Pakistan’s exports, focus on non-traditional sectors such as tourism, services and IT, trade volume can be increased by value addition.

GBCC vice president Nasir Awan said: “The synergy between Pakistan and the UK has been great and there is a great opportunity for both these countries to further strengthen their trade ties.”

Mandy Haque, international director of the GBCC said: “I am delighted to represent the GBCC to a historic Chamber. The relationship we have with the Rawalpindi Chamber further cements international links and we need to make sure to take action and have a positive outcome from these events.

“We want to see trade figures increase between our countries for both import and export and we look forward to welcoming you in the future.”