Facemasks posing threats to birds lives


ISLAMABAD, SEP 06 (DNA) – Facemasks are posing serious life threats to birds as their elastic straps can tighten around legs which ultimately kill them.

While talking to media  here on Monday, a citizen namely Muhammad Rizwan stressed upon the people to cut the straps of masks in half with a pair of scissors before throwing them away as these may prove fatal for the lives of birds; in this way it would most likely not get tangled up in them.

Another nature lover Najamul Hassan was of the view that wearing masks is a good thing but these are the newest form of litter which are worst as these are proving to be detrimental to birds.

He said a few days back whilst his visit to Daman-e-Koh, he observed a number of birds hanging dead on trees in face of facemasks straps.   One Muhammad Ejaz said that these straps can hurt birds because they tighten around legs of the birds that can prevent them from flying properly that finally emerges in the death of the bird.

People carelessly throw away masks all around the city which is not only exacerbating environmental pollution but also proving to be a danger to birds lives too.

A citizen Muhammad Gazanfer remarked discarded masks are adding to garbage and environmental pollution besides damaging and murdering wildlife across the capital city. Cut the strings of masks as in this way even if it does somehow wind up as litter there is less of a chance it can ensanare a bird.

A person namely Ahmed Yar Khan while noding in positive said indeed this is a serious threat to birds’ lives as “I observed this on my own,” and added the incumbent government should come forward to inculcate awareness about the issue among the citizens. The campaigns should be launched to make people aware of how to aptly dispose of masks to safeguard bird species, he said.

A hiker Chaudhary Tahir Bhagwalia told this scribe that citizens ought to snip the straps of masks as in this way they will be less likely to tangle wildlife. Nature lovers have stressed upon the government to act promptly to stop the citizens from killing the innocent birds.  It should create awareness among the public about the issue through electronic and print media. = DNA