Faisal Irfan’s ‘Hoshay’ a glimpse into Pothohari culture


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ISLAMABAD: Celebrating the rich tapestry of Pothohari culture, journalist and poet Faisal Irfan unveils his third literary gem, “Hoshay.” Published under the esteemed banner of Pothohar Rahtal Usar Publications Rawalpindi, this 240-page book offers a captivating exploration of the region’s wedding rituals, from the vibrant hues of Mehndi and Mayon to the grandeur of Gharoli and Barat ceremonies.
Within its pages, “Hoshay” breathes life into the timeless melodies of Pothohari folk songs and sthanis, echoing across generations and resonating with the essence of tradition. Faisal Irfan’s previous works, “Potohari Akhanrh Tay Muhawaray” and “Parjahat Mahahari Anni,” have already garnered acclaim, cementing his status as a revered chronicler of Pothohari heritage.
As anticipation builds for his upcoming book, “Chahotay Laray,” accolades pour in from academic, literary, and journalistic circles across Potohar. With each publication, Faisal Irfan illuminates the cultural landscape of Pothohar, weaving narratives that both honor the past and inspire the future.