FCCI donates Rs 40 million to Samanabad Hospital amid lockdown



FAISALABAD, AUG 10 – The FCCI has faithfully carried out its responsibilities in the most difficult period of the pandemic. All the organizations including police, doctors, paramedic staff, firefighters, journalists and other local body organizations who are performing their duties 24/7 during Corona were provided basic safety items by FCCI.

The FCCI donated Rs 7 to 8 million to them during the lockdown and also donated Rs 40 million to Samanabad Hospital. This proved that The FCCI is a partner in the needs of not only traders and industrialists but also every citizen of our city. This was stated by FCCI President Rao Sikandar Azam during his interview.

“My Presidency era was the hardest in the history of FCCI” he said. As President, my responsibilities have grown even more and we are going through the most active and vital period in the history of the FCCI. I worked day and night with my team and solved the problems of Faisalabad business community and industrialists in these difficult situations. I am proud and happy that in addition to the 27 members of my standing committee, the remaining 112 team members also played a vibrant role in making my plans a success. From the beginning of our presidency, we have formed a team to improve international relations and have started contacts all over the world to get our exports out of the catastrophe. We sent delegation to various countries: Denmark, USA, UK, Europe, Russia, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia by the end of February. First time in FCCI history, we sent a delegation to the Mecca Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Then covid 19 pandemic hit the world and effect flights and meet ups but we adopted a positive strategy and started a series of digital contacts. We arranged audio-video meeting for international contacts. Our major export market is US and UK which closed due to COVID 19. During pandemic, if the rest of our industries were affected, our medical and personal safety and hygiene exports increased. Even our textile exports increased by  5 to 6%.

Rao Sikandar said that knowing the need of the 21st century, I digitized the FCCI infrastructure and due to this move, for the first time in the history of FCCI, corruption of Rs 35 million was caught. Inquiries are underway against the perpetrators. The system is being transparent for everyone. Corruption will no longer be possible. We have built a strong system to control the expenses of the Chamber, which has resulted in a reduction of about Rs 10 million in my time. It is the only chamber in Pakistan where no member of the executive body receives any privileges like car, fuel or tour travelling expenses. The president and the executive body have to bear their own expenses. At FEDMIC, we have got 10 acres of land approved by the government. Where FCCI’s new and more  effective structure will soon be formed. We setup e-Markaz stations of all government agencies in FCCI to save local businessmen valuable time and reduce hassle. Now any local businessman who need any government agency such as Company Registration, Taxtation, FBR, Police, Traffic Police, Nadira, SBP, Visa consultancy or SME should contact the relevant counter in FCCI office and without any hassle get the best service. No long line, no long wait.

Talking about local business, Mr. Rao said, “We have introduced ECHO friendly business policies which have the full support of the government. The government is listening to us and is taking all the actions that our city businessmen are in needs currently. Govt is working with the FCCI to rehabilitate the industry or business that has been struggling during pandemic period, and to help it fully. Faisalabad is no less than a paradise for new investors. Today’s investment is a guarantee of a bright future. We have everything from human resources to modern infrastructure development to meet ISO standards. One of the best chambers in the world is FCCI which has recognition in the business world due to its investment friendly policies. Here in FCCI, we are developing policies to reduce production costs that let our merchants to compete international market easily.

We understand the needs of today’s youth and have introduced a program called Techno Park at the FCCI, where people from the IT industry will be given a place in the Chamber and startups will be fully supported. We will work together to promote freelancing and entrepreneurship so that our young people of today can lead a healthy and prosperous life and fetch a brighter future for their country and nation. This is a founding stone towards 4th generation industrial revolution. Our project team consists of more youngsters whom I am directly looking after so that we can achieve our goal in time.

My conscience is satisfied that I have spent my presidency and in the best possible way I have made the best plans according to the time and circumstances and worked on them day and night to make them active. My timely decisions and plans have further strengthened the reputation of the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce which has satisfied my conscience. I am happy that I have lived up to the expectations of the traders and industrialists of Faisalabad and am making the best decisions for their betterment during my presidency.