FM Qureshi urges nation to unite against Indian design


ISLAMABAD, Dec 27 (DNA): Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi Sunday
urged the nation to unite against India’s nefarious designs against

In a statement, FM Qureshi said that India wanted to destabilize
Pakistan and planning a false flag operation against the country.
India’s aggressive designs against Pakistan had been exposed, he added.

The foreign minister said that Pakistan achieved great success in the
war against terrorism. He said, “Pakistan’s armed forces are fully
prepared for a befitting response to any aggression or misadventure by
the enemies.”

Earlier on December 18, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi had said
that India along with its allies was preparing for a false flag
operation to divert the world’s attention from the inner situation.

He was addressing the Pakistani Business Community in the UAE. “India
preparing for a surgical strike over Pakistan and waiting for a green
signal from its allies to attack”, FM Qureshi had been quoted as saying.

Qureshi had said he wanted to aware the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and
the International of the heinous designs of India against Pakistan. DNA