Foreign Affairs and Expatriates//Israeli death machines race against time to commit the most horrific massacres against civilians in the Gaza Strip

Israel continues Gaza onslaught amid ceasefire calls

In light of the talk about efforts being made to reach a decision for a humanitarian truce and a long cessation of the war, the Israeli death machines are racing against time in committing the most horrific massacres against civilians in the Gaza Strip, as the occupying state escalates its war of genocide and brutal bombing throughout the Gaza Strip, which leads around the clock to more Of the hundreds and thousands of martyrs, injured and missing people under the rubble, whether in the areas of the northern Gaza Strip that the Israeli destruction machines are working to level to the ground, or in the areas of the center and south of the Strip that are crowded with citizens and displaced people, leading to a deepening of the humanitarian catastrophe in a horrific and unprecedented manner, the Palestinian citizen is thrust into its own vortex with his life. Children and women, this is what is reflected in the insane level of bombing and the resulting massacres that target the lives of Palestinian civilians above all else, and the destruction of all the elements of their survival and existence in the northern Gaza Strip, especially as happened in Al-Shuja’iya, Jabalia, and others, including the complete annihilation of hospitals and shelter centers, and their transformation. To a land inhospitable to human habitation.
The Ministry calls on the international community and all countries to follow up on this unprecedented escalation in the number and level of mass massacres, and demands that a decision be quickly taken in the Security Council to stop the war immediately.