Foreign Ministry Denounces Tony Blair’s Reported Role in Palestinian Evacuation

Foreign Ministry Denounces Tony Blair's Reported Role in Palestinian Evacuation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates is following with great interest what was reported by the Hebrew media regarding Tony Blair heading a team to work for the voluntary evacuation of Palestinian citizens from the Gaza Strip, and holding meetings and consultations with a number of countries to examine their position regarding receiving Palestinian refugees, which was greatly welcomed by the fascist Israeli minister. 

Itamar Ben Gvir and other extremists, and the Ministry hopes that Tony Blair will not be involved in committing this crime, which falls within the framework of the Israeli government’s plans to deepen genocide and forced displacement among the Palestinians.

 The Ministry confirms that this action, if true and the reports are true, is hostile to the Palestinian people and their rights in their homeland, a flagrant violation of international law, and hostile to humanity.

Those who carry it out or participate in it will be held accountable.  Accordingly, the Ministry will continue to follow up on this serious issue in partnership with Arab, Islamic and friendly countries to confront it at all popular, partisan and official levels and at the level of national courts in countries.