Foreign tourists visit Northern provinces of, Samangan, Balkh

Foreign tourists visit Northern provinces of, Samangan, Balkh

KABUL: A group of ten foreign tourists, after traveling to the provinces of Kabul, Herat, Bamiyan and Samangan, have now gone to the city of Mazar-e-Sharif.

These tourists said that Afghanistan is an attractive country in terms of culture and history, and hospitality in this country has a special reputation.

These tourists are from the US, Australia, Japan, Poland, El Salvador, Great Britain, Vietnam and Germany.

Matty Deas, a tourist, told TOLOnews: “We are spending ten days in Afghanistan. We started in Kabul then Herat and Bamiyan and now we are here in Mazar, and we will finish in a couple of days in Kabul. We love spending time here in Afghanistan, the people are very friendly. We have seen some amazing sights, a lot of culture and a lot of history. The food has been great as well and everyone has made us feel very welcome.”

Jasue Minjivar, another tourist, said: “I had a curiosity to come here to Afghanistan just to meet the people, the culture, the food — different aspects of living here in the country — and I have been pretty amazed by what I have seen so far here in all the different provinces of the country.”

Meanwhile, Zabihullah Noorani, head of information and culture of Balkh, said that Afghanistan is a good place for tourism at the moment.

Noorani said: “Currently, Afghanistan is secure, and all the provinces have good security, and anyone can visit the provinces and the districts safely. Everyone is assured of security and tourists come to Afghanistan and visit the historical places and tourist attractions of the country with peace of mind.”

Afghanistan, with many historic and tourist attractions, draws foreign tourists every year. In recent months, hundreds of tourists from different countries have come to Afghanistan.