Former Afghan president heaps scorn on Pakistan

Former Afghan president heaps scorn on Pakistan


KABUL: Former Afghan president Amrullah Saleh has heaped scorn on Pakistan saying Iran did a right thing by attacking Pakistan. Amrullah Saleh even in the past had spread negative propaganda against Pakistan and its institutions.

In his recent Tweet, Amrullah Saleh said “I read that Iran has launched missile attack against Jaish Adle terrorist group in Pakistan’s border edge. Great & courageous move. I wish we had such capability to target Quetta Shura when they were based there for 20 plus years”

In his Tweet he further said that General. Musharaf in his famous encounter with him had said “Pakistan is not a banana republic where you can send your agents & then tell us that Usma Bin Laden is here”. I replied, Mr. President, that is the title you just give to your country not me. Maybe it is. I din’t know then and I don’t know now the meaning of the banana republic but I think it means that if a country has nuclear arsenal but gets kicked from all sides i.e. US drones fly from Qatar let alone night attack of May 2011, TTP from Waziristan, Iranian missiles from West, Indian surgical strikes from east and so on.”, reads his statement.