Former Indian Generals say Ladakh tension more serious than in past


MUMBAI (dna) – Former Northern Army Commander Lt. Gen. (retd) D.S. Hooda and Member of National Security Advisory Board Lt. Gen. (retd) S. L. Narasimhan said that the ongoing border tension with China at multiple points along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) is more serious than past incidents, indicating China’s planning and the likelihood of a protracted stand-off.

The Hindu reported that Gen. Hooda said a key difference was that past incidents, including in Depsang in 2013, Chumar in 2014 and Doklam in 2017, were localised, triggered by road-building activity.

“We were absolutely clear of the red lines and demands of two sides. One wanted to build, the other said no. Therefore, we knew the steps towards resolution. I am not sure we know that in this case. What is it the Chinese want, and why [are there incidents] in so many areas? Will they ease off and go back having invested so much and come into these areas? That adds to risk and possible difficulty in resolving it. We are in for tough hard negotiations and maybe a protracted stand off,” he added.

“The fact of the matter is some kind of planning has gone through before these multiple face-offs,” said Lt. Gen. (retd) S. L. Narasimhan.