FPCCI’s dedication to fostering economic growth, collaboration among SAARC member states

FPCCI's dedication to fostering economic growth

ISLAMABAD, MAY 24 /DNA/ – “I urge the business community of SAARC member states to support and cooperate in advancing the mandate of SAARC and its initiatives,” said Md. Golam Sarwar, Secretary General, SAARC

 This was stated by Hon’ble Ambassador Golam Sarwar, Secretary General SAARC during his maiden visit to Pakistan after assuming the Chair of SG, SAARC in SAARC Secretariat Kathmandu Nepal.  Excellency, lauded the commendable efforts of the SAARC Apex and recognized bodies in taking regional agenda forward. He pledged relentless efforts to fortify cooperation among Member States, striving to unlock the full potential of SAARC. Expressing concern, Mr. Sarwar stated that since the last SAARC summit held in 2014, no major events at the government level have taken place to overcome the procedural issues of SAARC Apex bodies. This lack of activity has impacted all the Apex and recognized bodies of SAARC.

Excellency, called for a renewed and dedicated effort to overcome the longstanding challenges that have impeded SAARC’s progress. He emphasized that the organization’s future success hinges on member states putting aside political differences and focusing on regional cooperation. The Secretary General noted the recent positive signals from both India and Pakistan regarding SAARC, expressing hope that these gestures could serve as a potential ‘icebreaker’ for future collaboration.

The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) hosted a networking reception in honor of His Excellency Mr. Md. Golam Sarwar, Secretary General of SAARC, which was attended by the business elites of Pakistan.

Hon’ble Rana Tanveer Hussain, Federal Minister for Industries and Production, grace the occasion as Chief Guest. In his address, he said that SAARC’s primary objective is to promote the welfare of the peoples of South Asia, improve their quality of life, and accelerate economic growth, social progress, and cultural development. By fostering mutual understanding and trust, SAARC aims to create an environment of peace and stability in the region.  Unfortunately, SAARC faces significant challenges. Political tensions, economic disparities, and logistical hurdles often impede its progress. To truly harness the potential of SAARC, member states must prioritize dialogue, diplomacy, and a genuine commitment to regional cooperation.

 He expressed his desire for prosperous South Asia wherein collaboration prevails over conflict, and the collective dreams of our people become a vibrant reality.

Earlier, Mr. Atif Ikram, President, FPCCI highlighted the critical role of regional cooperation in achieving prosperity across South Asia. “The prosperity of the region is highly dependent on regional cooperation, especially regional economic and commercial cooperation,” stated Mr. Ikram. “We, the business community of South Asia, believe that business remains the most important partner in this path towards meaningful cooperation. We are not only an association that is open for business, but today we are also committed to being open to business across the region without any biases.”

Mr. Ikram’s comments underscored the FPCCI’s dedication to fostering economic growth and collaboration among SAARC member states, emphasizing the crucial role of the business community in driving these efforts.

“Until then, I urge the business community of SAARC member states to wholeheartedly support and cooperate in advancing the mandate of SAARC and its initiatives,” emphasized Mr. Sarwar.

Mian Anjum Nisar, Vice President, SAARC CCI, emphasized that nature has endowed South Asia with every opportunity and resource necessary for development. However, to fully harness these opportunities, the political will for deeper integration is pre-requite. He quoted the example of India and China relation who are the best trading partner despite political differences. Mr. Nisar also shed light on the pressing issues confronting regional chamber since the last SAARC Standing Committee meeting, urging His Excellency to address these concerns of private sector of South Asia, pertaining to recognized bodies, to pave the way for dialogue, cooperation, and regional integration.

Chairman Capital Office Kareem Aziz Malik and Mr. Sohail Malik, Chairman Coordination, FPCCI Capital Office, Islamabad presided over the event, extending a warm welcome to the distinguished dignitaries and representatives from the business community of Pakistan. While welcoming the esteemed members to august gathering, he underscore the importance of SAARC and peaceful business relation between SAARC Member states in larger interest of people of the region.

The event also witnessed the distinguished presence of diplomatic missions from Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives. In addition to that VP FPCCI zaki ijaz, Former president Zubair Malik, Former President Abdul Rauf Alam, Zafar Bakhtawri, Tariq Sadiq, Arif Jeewa, Mian Shokat, ijaz Abbasi, Ch Masood, Saqib Rafiq, Faad Waheed, Azhar ul Islam, Dr Afshan, Rizwana Asif, Hina Mansib, Sameena Fazil,Director General, SAARC, MoFA, Director Pakistan, in SAARC Secretariat, Secretary General, SAARC Chamber, and FPCCI office bearers also grace the occasion with their presence.