France election: Leftists win most seats, but no party wins majority

Leftists win most seats

PARIS, JUL 8: A leftist coalition, the New Popular Front, has won the most seats in the 2024 French legislative election, beating back a far-right surge but failing to win a majority. The outcome leaves France facing the stunning prospect of a hung parliament and threatens political paralysis in a pillar of the European Union and Olympic host country.

France’s Interior Ministry has confirmed the final results of Sunday’s election which saw a 66.63% voter turnout.

The largest number of seats were won by the pan-left alliance New Popular Front – with 182 seats.

The centrist party, Emmanuel Macron’s Ensemble party won 163 seats. In third place, the far-right National Rally and allies won 143 seats.

This means no party has won the required 289 seats for an absolute majority, and seems set to plunge France into more political uncertainty. With no party close to clinching a majority, the parliament is likely to be paralyzed, split between three blocs.