French, German envoys share secret of shelving their hostilities


ISLAMABAD, JAN 22 (DNA) – On the occasion of the 57th anniversary of the Treaty of Elysée, the basis of German-French reconciliation and friendship, German Ambassador Bernhard Schlagheck and French Ambassador Dr. Marc Baréty gave a joint lecture on “German-French friendship as the ground for effective multilateralism” at NUST University.

The lecture was attended by students and faculty members of the university’s department for public policy and governance.

ISLAMABAD, JAN 22: French and German ambassadors sharing their experiences as to how both countries shelved their differences and became friends. DNA

The German and French Embassies in Islamabad celebrated the German-French friendship day with a joint lunch of both Embassies’ staff. On the same occasion both Ambassadors gave a joint interview to a private television channel.

During the lecture at NUST both Ambassadors emphasized that„After centuries of hostilities and wars between our countries, strong political will and people-to-people contacts paved the way to overcome “hereditary enmity” and establish Franco-German friendship. This successful reconciliation process might be a source of inspiration for other regions as well.”

22 Jan marks an important date in the history of both countries as on this date in 1963, French President General de Gaulle and German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer signed in Paris the Elysée Treaty on cooperation between the two countries that marked the beginning of an era of friendship and cooperation between Germany and France after more than a century of hostilities and wars.=DNA