Friends not masters, Imran tells America


Friends not

masters, Imran

tells America

Seeks masses support for real independence

Bureau Report

LAHORE: PTI Chairman Imran Khan has said that the Pakistani nation still is not fully independent as the father of nation Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had dreamt.

 Addressing a massive PTI gathering in Lahore hockey ground, he said that unfortunately Pakistan still has ruling elites who happen to be slaves of western world.

 He said that Quaid e Azam was of view that we must not be enslaved by anyone, yet we are slaves even today. Khan said that a nation who does not strive to be independent from foreign interference and pressure can never become real independent. Imran Khan said that the Pakistani nation must get rid of the inferiority complex if we want to succeed as a nation.

While talking about relations with the United States Imran Khan said he was not against the US nation, rather he was against the policies of the US administration. He further said I also want good relations with the United States of America however there should be a marked difference between friendship and slavery.

He defended his visit to Russia adding he wanted to get cheap oil from Russian for Pakistan. “I especially talked to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and he agreed to help Pakistan’, he added.

He quoted the Indian Foreign Minister when he refused Americans to oblige when India was asked not to buy oil from Russia.

He called upon people of Pakistan to help him seek the real independence. He said from now onwards his sole goal is how to get rid of slavery. He again reiterated his stand that he will never allow anybody to make the Pakistani nation slaves.