From river to the sea

From river to the sea

By: Zahra Ali

From river to the sea

Amid the gnarled ancient olive groves that whispered secrets to the wind, in their leaves and roots lie the stories of generations, each one a testament to the indomitable spirit of a land that refuses to be forgotten.

Beneath the watchful gaze of the Palestinian sun, a land of poets and prophets, carries within its soil a tragic tale that unfurls struggle, resistance, a spirit unconfined, the echoes of a people who have endured the burdens of occupation for far too long, a land scarred by the weight of history.

In the beleaguered enclave of Gaza

In the beleaguered enclave of Gaza, the tear-soaked soil, where sorrow knows no end, where mothers weep for children lost, their hearts unable to mend.

The wailing of the sirens, the echoes of despair, A symphony of anguish, a melody of prayer, where the sea meets the sorrowful shore, the tears of mothers, fathers, and children form rivers that flow ceaselessly.

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Each drop tells a story of loss, of shattered dreams, of lives cut short. The haunting wail of sirens punctuates the air, a relentless reminder of the ever-present threat that hangs like a dark cloud over this besieged land.

Beneath the canvas of a star-studded sky, Palestine’s children gaze upwards, their eyes reflect galaxies, their hopes etched in the night, As they search for a tomorrow bathed in the softest light.

Their hearts filled with longing. The night sky becomes a tapestry of dreams, as if the stars themselves weep for the aspirations of a people yearning for a brighter tomorrow.

Their eyes reflect the galaxies

Their eyes reflect the galaxies, carrying with them the hopes and dreams of a nation. Each night brings a symphony of whispered prayers, a plea for liberation from the shackles of despair.

The stars, they weep in silent song, a melody of grace, for the promise of a homeland, for a brighter, offering a glimmer of hope in the darkest hours.

In the shadows of refugee camps, generations bear witness to the painful legacy of displacement. Homes and homelands, forever lost, become fragments of a distant memory.

The longing to return, to reclaim what was taken, is etched in the faces of those who carry the weight of their history.

The diaspora spans continents, yet their hearts remain tethered to the land they call home, a land that eludes their grasp.

Concrete barriers, stretching across the landscape, stand as stark symbols of division and confinement. They separate families, severing bonds forged through generations.

These walls bear witness to the indignities suffered by a people denied the most basic human rights. They stand as a physical embodiment of a system that seeks to subjugate and suppress a testament to the resilience of a population undeterred by the obstacles before them.

Amidst the rubble and the dust, where homes and dreams collide, Palestinian hearts beat on, with hope as their guide.

They sing a song of steadfastness, a symphony of grace, A melody of resilience that time cannot erase.

For in the face of adversity, their spirit knows no bounds, they rise like suns at dawn, dispelling night’s dark shrouds.

Their cry, a call to justice, reverberates through time, a testament to a people, whose spirit is sublime.

Palestine’s sons and daughters rise, their spirits unyielding in the pursuit of justice.

Stones cast in defiance, voices raised in protest; each act of resistance is a testament to the unwavering courage of a people unwilling to bow to oppression.

The price of their defiance is steep, yet they endure, fueled by a belief in the righteousness of their cause.

As the world bears witness to their struggle, this is an appeal to the conscience of humanity.

Let it also bear witness to their unwavering resolve, and may it stand in solidarity with those who seek justice, equality, and the right to self-determination for all.

Let not the world be deafened, let not the conscience sleep, To the plight of Palestine. For in the face of darkness, a beacon shines afar, A call for love, for empathy, for a just and lasting spar.

For indeed, the war will end. The leaders will shake hands. But Did you see who paid the price?